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Training Videos

Training videos are the cost effective way to receive training at home. For clients whom live out of our operational area, or for clients who just want to continue building their relationship with their pups, videos are a great way to do so at your own pace. Click on the video info symbol for more information on each video and stay tuned for more content. 

Beginner's Foundational Training Video

Beginner's Foundational Training Video

The concepts within our Beginners Foundational Training Program have been requested by dog owners so often that we decided to create a Beginners Foundational Training Video. This video contains all of our Foundational Drills, including- but not limited to: basic obedience commands, leash work drills, proper praise and correction, grooming practice, vet exam desensitization, free time, and proper play. This training video is not intended for addressing more serious behavioral issues, however when we start training a dog with serious behavioral issues, we always start with these foundational drills. These drills lay a great foundation to build upon. If your dog tends to pull on leash or may require more guidance, we recommend using the K9 lifeline Transitional Leash sold online in our store. However, the slip lead leash is what is used in this video. Both leashes are available for purchase in our store. A free video on how to use the transitional leash is also available for you. If you are able to master these drills in and around the home, as well as in public, many behavioral issues will be significantly reduced or eliminated. Furthermore, these exercises are the foundation that we would like every dog to learn before admittance into our Pack Walk and Train Day Camp. This training video is a cheaper alternative to our in-person training program. It contains all the same content we would teach you in person, but with the ability to re-watch the video as many times as you would like. The video also includes a detailed workbook containing a list of each drill, the time stamps for each drill, and a detailed description of how to practice each drill. This video is also helpful if you are not within our service area and are interested in learning our techniques.
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