Frequently asked questions

What services do you provide?

We offer private training, group training, pack walk and train day camps, and overnight care services. Please see our Services page for more info on each.

How do I join the pack walk and train day camps?

In order for you pup to join the pack walks, we require them to be enrolled at least once per week minimum for at least 3 months to ensure full emersion into the program. . Each dog whom is in the progrm must pass our behavior evaluation. Below are the things we look for during the evaluation. If your dog needs work on any of these specific areas, we suggest contacting us for training prior to joining the pack walks. We will also recommend training to you prior to joining the pack walks if your dog, upon evaluation, does not meet these requirments. Pack walk evaluation requirements to join: Your dog must be able to.... 1. Walk on leash (slip lead leash, no harness) without pulling or reacting to stimuli. 2. Be leashed and picked up by different handlers without fear biting, excessive jumping, or playing the "cat & mouse game" of running away from the handler. 3. Be able to be in a vehicle with other dogs without reactivity or potty accidents. 4. Regulate dog-to-dog play without improper corrections, overly elevated energy, be able to recall out of play, ect. 5. Has been crate trained/ is currently using a crate for training. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Do you offer boarding services?

No. We do not offer boarding services to the public. Only the dogs that are enrolled weekly in our pack walk and train day camp are eligible to stay overnight with us. We enforce this rule to make our overnight care services a quality, stress free environment where the dogs know us and we know them. Dogs must be enrolled for a minimum of one month prior to requesting overnight services.

Where do you operate?

We operate in the following cities: 1. Manhattan Beach 2. Hermosa Beach 3. Redondo Beach 4. South & West Torrance 5. All of Palos Verdes west of PV drive East 6. Lomita Unfortunately we do not service any other cities unless it is for our group classes, in which everyone meets at one location for the class. If you are out of our operational area and would like to still seek out virtual training, we suggest heading to our Videos tab. There we have training videos available for purchase.

Do you pick up and drop off?

Yes, all of our services are mobile- we pick up and drop off to you. We do not offer a location for clients to bring their dogs to us. We have pick up and drop off time frames in the mornings and afternoons.

Do you work with aggression?

We offer private training options for dogs working through aggression issues. Due to limited staff and availability, we must decide on a case by case basis if we will be the right fit for you and your dog. Please fill out our contact form and let us know what issues you are having so we can better assist you or offer solutions if we are unable to assist with your case.