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Michael Loring

Owner/Trainer/ Pack Leader

Michael has been living and working with dogs for his whole life. He grew up riding Rottweilers as a small child and raising pit bulls as a teenager. Michael has managed a 20,000 sq. ft. boarding facility that off leash and crate free housed 50-100 dogs. He taught the staff and owner proper Spectrum Dog handling techniques giving them the ability to increase efficiency and positivity. Michael is certified through the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) evaluator. Spectrum Dogs has consecutively won South Bay's Favorite with the Reader's Choice Awards held by the Daily Breeze each year since 2017.

He has also worked under many different accomplished trainers and behaviorists however he feels his self taught method and personal gift of connecting with dogs has always led the way in rehabilitating dogs that were deemed untrainable by other experts. When he rescued his pit bull Rasta and adopted his other pit bull puppy Kai in 2010, Rasta came to him aggressive and unwanted. He tried finding dog trainers to help and this is when he learned about the current state of the dog training industry. 5 different professionals could not help Rasta. This is when he developed his own way of communicating and leading Rasta and Kai to success. The Spectrum Way is his personally developed real life, functional training philosophy that, when applied correctly, lets anyone handle any dog 100% leash free and command controlled. With perfectly timed loving praise, perfectly timed corrections, perfectly applied body language and tone of voice, he can connect with any dog through patience and mutual respect. His dream is to also teach everyone how to connect with and train their dogs the Spectrum Way as well. He feels that no dog should have to go to a shelter to get euthanized due to human error ever again. He is involved with a group of outspoken individuals in a mass movement towards fixing our dog handling systems world wide.


Michael Loring
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