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Brittany Loring

Manager/ Pack Leader

Brittany grew up locally in Torrance where she completed her Bachelors Degree in 2014 at California State University Long Beach with a major in Communication Studies. She has worked with animals for many years, running her own pet sitting company for 5 years prior to joining Spectrum Dogs. She has attended multiple dog training seminars to learn further about dog psychology and the many different approaches to helping owners achieve behavioral success with their canine companions. She has also traveled to different countries and has gained a small, but fruitful knowledge of how other cultures live and cohabitate with animals. She has raised two dogs from puppyhood (Noodle & Simba), has 3 cats, and has fostered countless dogs and cats over the years. Her favorite things to see are owners enjoying their time with their dogs after putting in much hard earned relationship-building hours of training, and of course- rescue animals finding their loving forever homes.


Brittany Loring
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